​​Grilling and Chilling? Then you need to get Sauced!  

 For more info call our Secret Sauce hotline...  (256) 34-GRILL

Jamie's Secret Sauces


No High Fructose Corn Syrup

100% Gluten-Free

Lower in Sodium then most other BBQ Sauces

"Life is always a little better when you're Grilling." -Jamie

Jamie's Secret Sauce is Available in Three ( 3 ) Great Flavors!!

"Prepared to have your taste buds Wow'ed!!"

​​​Ben Franklin one said, that 'Beer is Proof that God Loves us and wants us to be happy.' 

So then having a good BBQ Sauce is the best way to make sure your beer has a friend....  

We are getting ready to re-launch everything...  New production facility, updated branding and an easier way to buy online or at events...  Look for us at local events and festivals this Spring to "Get Sauced".

You've tried the rest get ready to try the BEST!