​​Grilling and Chilling? Then you need to get Sauced!  

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Jamie's Secret Sauces

Jamie's Secret Sauces are made from scratch in small batches to be the best barbecue sauce you have ever tasted, quality is at our foundation, passion is at our core. All of our Sauces are 100% Gluten Free, Contain No High Fructose Corn Syrup and are Lower in Sodium.

Jamie's Secret Sauce starting out as a labor of love that has been passed on from grill to grill, backyard to backyard and tailgate to tailgate... Moreover, it has now has evolved into Jamie’s Grilling Company. Born out of this love and desire for the Great American Tradition of Backyard Grilling and Barbecue, our focus is to offer the best barbecue sauce and grilling experience for the everyday "Backyard/Tailgate Griller".

Our tagline is our motto... "It's Always Time to Grill" it is our way of life - "Outdoor grilling is the total experience. Fire up the grill, add music and drink a feast to be enjoyed now and remembered with your friends and family".

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